Why Chandigarh Is More Than Just Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden Kunal Bansal Chandigarh
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Why Chandigarh Is More Than Just Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden

Planning to visit Chandigarh and not sure why you should invest in the Trinity at all? Well, apart from a cleaner city environment and a peaceful neighborhood, you get a lot of things to enjoy nearby other than rock garden and sukhna lake.

Chandigarh is acknowledged to be the center of all happening and gorgeous spots in the country. With lavish and pompous resorts outlining every hole and corner in the city, it’d be a disgrace if we didn’t give some time off and tour the place for a weekend escape, or simply go somewhere we can chill. Varying from Michelin five-star lavish hotels to small, cozy and pocket friendly-places, Chandigarh has its portion of a different variety of places to be and stuff that can be done there. Today we take you to our list o best resorts neighboring Chandigarh that are worth visiting if you’re seeking for an amazing time and an even greater stay.

Himalayan Expressway kunal bansal chandigarh

Giving a truly invigorating experience, the Timber Trail is positioned on the Himalayan Expressway and it has been a place of attraction for tourists for the previous half-decade. The opportunity to be one with very nature, respect the majestic mountains that seem to enhance an already magnificent place and add to the divine aura of a place you can get submerged in. A must see to place with your friends and family simply because of its spectacular beauty and feel great vibes.

Oberoi Sukhvilas kunal bansal chandigarh

A blend of both contemporary and antiquated cultural values, the Oberoi Sukhvilas gives you a chance at salvation by providing a sense of stillness and calm as you’ve never been felt before. The splendid view of the trees and woods, landscapes and the possibility to traverse to your heart’s content are an absolutely brilliant way and to a view all that through this resort is where you wish to be.

Morni Hills kunal bansal chandigarh

Situated among the scenic Morni Hills, the rich four-star hotel of Chandigarh can be toured by incoming travelers from different corners. The hotel’s excellent location, its ultimate surroundings, and the peaceful calm add to this site that is in rhythm with nature yet conveniently open within the city borders. Having positive reviews, the Golden Tulip certainly can’t offer a better place for a family gathering.

Forest Hill kunal bansal chandigarh

A visual delicacy when you talk about resorts, the Forest Hill established in Nayagaon awards a peaceful and serene forest area we all easily settle into. The dense green trees, the blue skyline that is an experience of once in a lifetime, all adding to the excitement and a sort of sorcery in a place that, by far, will remain among the most seen tourist places in the upcoming years.

Aura Vaseela Hotel Resort kunal bansal chandigarh

Located at a brief distance of only 4.5 kilometers from the city beautiful Chandigarh and just 7.5 kilometers from the national airport, Aura Vaseela Hotel Resort is one of the most perfect places to see when it comes to sightseers touring Chandigarh, Punjab, and Himachal. Having around only six luxurious rooms in the primary complex, pool-side independent cottage rooms and up to eight deluxe rooms are furnished with all the well required modern amenities, the Aura Vaseela proposes some of the most ravishing deals and missing them would be shameful.

Casba Farm kunal bansal chandigarh

A place where originality and rusticity are compatible with one another, the Casba Farm located in SAS Nagar Mohali is a perfect place for a holiday. A point where all the elements get together, where time seems to slows down, the Casba Farm is a delicacy for the eyes to behold. Settled within a small village that is known by the name Swara, which is a slightly far away from the busy noise of Chandigarh, Casba embodies the exceptional level of experience when it comes to spending time in farms and grand guest rooms/suites, organic farm food, and soothing amenities come together in one impressive experience. A must visit place if you want a day or two off from your boring same old monotonous life that most of our days have succumbed to.

Surya Villas kunal bansal chandigarh

A certain go-to destination if you’re thinking for a holiday to spend with family, the Surya Villas have drawn mostly complimentary reviews from the people who’ve visited the beautiful place settled at a distance of mere 50 km from the city beautiful Chandigarh. Embraced by lavish green cliff ranges and a pure clean environment, they are acknowledged to offer basic facilities in their area of service. Giving immediate room service, pleasant food, and favorable facilities, a stay at Surya Villas has to be on your bucket list soon.

Kikar Lodge kunal bansal chandigarh

With an astonishing view, Kikar Lodge is a definite site to visit if you wish to experience warmness, relaxation, and an adventure. Having a dynamic staff along with tidy and hygiene rooms, the hotel resort proposes a package where a visitor really will never ask for more. India’s very First Private Forest Reserve expands over 1800 acres of woodland. An isolated haven of scenic green splendor – Kikar Lodge is the destination to be at especially for the nature lovers and who love varying climate and weather.

When you visit here in Chandigarh Tricity, you not only get amazing places to visit and a great environment to appreciate but you also get access to the most beautiful resorts nearby for your quick weekend getaways.

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