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Top Water Parks In Chandigarh You Should Visit This Summer

Chandigarh is one of the cities which is popular as the modern Indian City. It is well-planned and designed. The city might look perfect in every sense but it too has its share of problems like noise, traffic, crowding, etc. But the city offers a lot of interesting things that can do to have a day of fun. There are a plethora of options in Chandigarh that can assure an adrenaline surging day. From beautiful picnic spots to amazing shopping malls, you just can’t get enough of this city.

There are a lot of resorts and hilly areas around Chandigarh. But as the summer is approaching, you would want some options to beat the blistering heat of summer within the city. And if you happen to be in this city for summers, you’re so in luck. There are a lot of amusement and water parks in Chandigarh where you can beat scorching heat of summer.

In this post, Kunal Bansal Chandigarh has shared some of the most amazing amusement and water parks in Chandigarh that will ensure a thrilling and exciting day. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best water parks you need to visit this summer:

Fun City

Fun City Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

Fun City is the oldest amusement and water park in Chandigarh. For the same reason, it is also one of the most popular destinations for people looking for some fun and adventure, especially on a hot summer day. It was first made available for public back in 1995 as an amusement park.

There was a water park too called the Wunder Water which was added a few years later. During winters, the water park remains closed. However, it gets a lot of visitors during the summer months.

Located in Panchkula, Fun City is approximately 20 kilometers away from Sector 17 Chandigarh. It boasts more than 20 hydraulic rides which can be enjoyed by people of all ages regardless of their gender. The water park also flaunts 17 water slides, a wave pool, six landing pools, and more. And all those 17 water slides have different shapes and lengths.

If you are planning to go to this amusement park, a single ticket will cost you around Rs. 490 and the ticket price for the water park is Rs. 970 per head. However, if you decide to go with both the tickets, you will get this at Rs. 990. You can also avail a special discount of 10 percent when you book by

For children below 3 feet and people who are above 65, the tickets are free. There is also an option to book tickets through Fun City’s official website. The park is open for visitors from 9.30 a.m to 6.30 p.m.



Thunderzone Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

Thunderzone Amusement is another great amusement and water park in Chandigarh. The park has been around since the year 2002. Tourists from all over the country come and visit this water park. There is a wide range of rides and other water-based activities you can indulge yourself in.

Situated on the Mohali-Sirhind Road, the park is close to Landran. The park contains 12 fun rides including the Octopus, the Columbus, the Striking Cars, and more. You will also see a slide pool in the park with four different slides. The slides have a minimum height of 30 feet and are a great choice for adults. The wave pool here is also amazing which boasts six unique and different types of waves

For kids, there is a kiddie pool where kids can have great fun. You can play all kinds of games at the activity pool. You will also find a fun zone section where children and toddlers can go on a ride. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh says it is one of the best water parks in Chandigarh where you can have a lot of fun and enjoy a hot summer day.

If you’re thinking to go to this amusement park, the ticket price is Rs. 450 per head. For water park, the ticket price is Rs. 800 per person. The combination of both will cost you around Rs. 850 per head. The park is available from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Aqua Village

Aqua Village Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

Aqua Village is the new entry to the list of water parks available in the Chandigarh. It is a water park not the combination of amusement park and water park. The water park has five different pools: a kiddie pool, a wave pool, family pool, and two concentric pools as well. The water is cleaned using automatic filters and UV protection. This amazing water park is located in Pinjore and is one of the most amazing water parks in Chandigarh.

The water park is open from 10 in the morning to 7 p.m. The ticket price per head is Rs. 650 on weekdays which increases to Rs. 750 on the weekends. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh says that a fun-filled day is guaranteed at Aqua Village Water Park.


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