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This Game of Thrones Icy Hotel Is What Every GOT Fan Dreams About

If you are deeply love in HBO’s most popular series, then you’d absolutely adore a hotel themed right on it. Since the Night Walkers are bringing the long night and a stormy cold winter that would last 1000 years, it’s only fair for you to get a treatment similar to them. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, a food and travel blogger, traveled to this hotel because of two reasons. First, he’s a diehard fan of George RR Martin’s work and secondly, he wanted to capture the awe-inspiring work in his camera lens.

Lapland Hotels Snow Village


Oh no! We’re not asking you turn into zombies or cold walking corpse in the Winterland, we’re simply asking you to visit the Lapland Hotels Snow village in Finland. This place was the talk of the town a few years back as well but things have changed. The village partnered with HBO Nordic and crafted a residence using 20 million kilograms of snow and 350,00 kgs of natural crystal ice. All in the honor of Hollywood’s most powerful writer George RR Martin.


The well-received award-winning show is to conclude this year with its 8th and final season, fans are mourning as they would be bidding adieu to one of the most amazing mythical universes on the television screen. To celebrate its conclusion, the hotel invited ice sculptors from different parts of the world like Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland and even some of the native Finnish and leave them at large to use their wild imagination and shape the hotel. And the end result is unbelievable.

The hotel has everything GOT offers: from Red-eyed Ghost (Dire wolf) to weirwood trees with bloody leaves. Each room inside the hotel screams of different character and events, giving you the sensation identical to the series. All 16 rooms inside features one of your favorite GOT character or scene or the monsters.

Giant visible from the ice cube bed

Having rented a minus 5-degree Celsius room may not give you the chills (all thanks to fur-lined sleeping bags and berry juices served hot). But the sculptures of White Walkers, Night King with shining blue eyes or Wun Wun the Giant visible from the ice cube bed will definitely make you go pale during the night.

A feeling of satiation starts seeping in after the first night, however, you shouldn’t hastily leave as there are plenty of other corners to explore. Just beside the Iced Iron Throne room, you can See Drogon watching over the Dragonstone. The view might come as a startle as the precision makes it hard to distinguish the sculpture from real. Of course the ice cold white snow gives it away but when you’re bathed in GOT theme, the chill is expected to be felt.

Drogon watching over the Dragonstone

Lapland is not just about a fancy GOT museum, it’s a hotel if you remember so you get to eat the local Finnish delicacy as well. If you move further you’ll find the Sept of Baelor, its a restaurant, completely icy, that prepares and serves Arctic Char (Cold water fish) and reindeer. You can get to know other visitors at the ice chapel and the ice bar sipping the finest exquisites of the hotel. Don’t be frightened for your tour won’t have an end like the Red Wedding.

Lapland Restaurant


Lapland Hotels Snow village has included a movie theatre that shows how the hotel was sculptured over the five weeks of time. It’s really inspiring to see the artists shape the raw snow and turn it into those magnificent pieces that people love.

Lapland Hotels Snow movie theatre


If you’re a traveler, going to the mainstream isn’t exciting. You got to do something other than the usual. Something like this will sure spice up your travel habit.

The hotel is easily accessible from the Kittilä town and only a 90-minute flight from Helsinki. If this fascinates you, hurry up. The Lapland won’t be open throughout the year and closes on April 19, 2019.

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