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The Best Welcoming Travel Destinations In the World

For what it’s worth, we think holidays need to be memorable for a number of reasons. But often times the most loved (or despised) memories we keep from our travel experiences are the smaller ones. Even puny encounters we have with the the passersby we see when we are travelling. Putting ourselves among community and feeling a harmony with the people you meet have always been an important part of the holiday. Similarly, how tourists are received by the host city can be a crucial factor.

To come up with a proper list based on a matter that is so instinctive is definitely a challenging task. And it sure is to give birth to a healthy debate and discussion that will go on forever. The term ‘welcoming’ itself has the capacity to indicate so many alternatives and even conflicting definitions. A few people may say that being humble for instance is not the same as being welcoming; How to imagine what is more appropriate, expressing a quiet, reserved and honorable behaviour or a bolder and overly sociable attitude?


Australians are known for being proud, friendly and might we say, slightly more competitive. But, its hard to find a large number of people in the world who are as gentle and warm as the Aussies. If you have visited Sydney  and stayed there for long time, you’d know what its like to feel at home in a foreign country. Relax at a bar on a warm bright day and talk for hours with the locals.

In the rural areas of Queensland, it might help if you know a little about sport but anyway, the people in here are even more upfront and open compared to Sydney. Perth and Western Australia as a whole is also an amazing place to see, where a steady pace of life is seen in the serene and blissful nature of the people. Heads up, if you hail from England you might get to hear a few ‘POM’ jokes. It is always just light hearted pun.


No one can really question on why the Thais are so incredibly friendly and warm but nevertheless they are one of the most happy and courteous people you will ever know. Considering the non stop inflow of tourists into the country and especially the more mischievous areas within Bangkok and Phuket, you might expect that some Thai people do feel rather annoyed and tired of the drama of drunken tourists. It seems that one of their many positive traits is the heart to treat everyone they meet with respect and equality. The nature seem to stay the identical across the country from Krabi in the south to the Chiang Mai in the north, the remote islands of the Andaman to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Republic of Ireland

You might notice their attitudes towards their northern brethren, at times, a bit rather strained, however, the Irish people are as friendly to tourists as their lasting reputation would lead you to believe. The Irish are popular over the world for their cheerful spirits and unwavering joyfulness. From Cork and Kerry all the way to Dublin you will always be making numerous friends throughout your journey. On a sunny day, relax sipping a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub. There you can talk  to people for hours related to anything from politics to poetry and never be made to feel like a foreigner. Not to forget, the Republic of Ireland has made it to our list, Northern Ireland should also receive an honourable mention, nonetheless, as a land which shares all the spirit and hearty camaraderie to the south.

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If you feel a twinge of unpatriotic contradiction applauding the French for their generous hospitality, weel, you shouldn’t. Paris might seem like a growing busy city with rude people always working, it actually isn’t. On the contrary the people here are quite frank and seem to have a genuine smile on their faces all the time. Just learn a few French words that they use to greet like ‘Bonjour’, ‘Au Revoir’ and ‘Si’l vous plait’ and you will notice that the French are an incredibly personable people.

Of course the exclusion of any specific location from our list is rather a brief review, specifically those that you yourself think should have been on the list. If we have missed those places, it so doesn’t mean those places are unwelcoming or unfriendly for the tourists.

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