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Some Amazing Celebrity Halloween 2019 Costumes

Halloween is a festival celebrated on October 31st throughout the world and kids can be seen on the streets going door to door dressed up as different characters and ghosts. Plus, adults have their own late-night fancy dress parties. The day is celebrated as the day of the dead mainly in the United States and Canada. The two best parts of Halloween are the costumes and the food.

Be it, Superman or Freddy Kruger, people dress up the way they normally wouldn’t. People decorate their houses and the streets with lights, spooky ornaments, and carved pumpkins. Carved pumpkins play a huge part in the festival as they look spooky and are the biggest symbol of Halloween.

Also, The biggest eye-catchers on Halloween are celebrities. Be it, Kim Kardashian or Ellen DeGeneres, everyone comes up with a unique look every year. The goal is to be the best and uniquely dressed on the spooky day of Halloween. And this year was no different from the others, as many celebrities managed to make it to the headlines by sharing their amazing looks on social media.

So, here are some amazing celebrity Halloween 2019 costumes:

Heidi Klum

Model Heidi Klum is no stranger to making headlines with her looks. Every year on Halloween, she aims to look different and spookier than everyone else and she pulls it off perfectly. This year, Heidi Klum used prosthetics to reach her yearly Halloween goal. Her make up took around eight hours and she kept updating her fans on Instagram through every step of the process. She dressed up as a spooky android-like zombie. You can check out her Halloween 2019 look here.

Kylie Jenner

Just like Heidi Klum, Kylie Jenner never fails to make it to the headlines with everything she does. Every year she dresses up as something unique and this year was no different. While Kylie looks amazing herself, she dressed up as someone who personified beauty and glamour for a long time. Her look this year was, Marilyn Monroe. She took on the iconic pink dress and short blonde hair look of the beautiful goddess and looked absolutely stunning. You can check out her Halloween 2019 look here.

Ellen DeGeneres

Exit Ellen DeGeneres, enter Cardi E. Ellen DeGenerous showed her sexy avatar as Cardi E on her show. Her look took inspiration from Cardi B’s role from the movie Hustlers. Cardi B was a guest on the show on the Holloween special episode and she taught Ellen how to twerk properly. The audience enjoyed the moment very much and they cheering throughout the whole skit. Ellen DeGeneres shared the clip on her Twitter account and you can check it out here.

Kim Kardashian

We all knew that Kim is gonna make the headlines even this year with her Halloween look. She dressed up as Elle Woods from the movie ‘Legally Blonde’. Yes, Kim Kardashian is blonde now. Talk about dedication. She shared the pictures on her official Instagram account and fans went crazy. Kardashian definitely generated some massive buzz with her look, just like she does after doing almost anything. You can enjoy the look for yourself by clicking here.

Ciara And Russell Wilson

Singer Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson surprised everyone with their Jay-Z and Beyonce look. They dressed up as the power couple from the ‘APESHIT’ video and the look was on point, except for one little thing, they had a picture of Barack and Michelle Obama in the background instead of the iconic Mona Lisa. Aside from that, the look was amazing and every single detail was identical to the look in the video. You can witness the eye-catching look here.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to gaining attention from the media and the people. She goes all out with her Halloween looks every year and this year was even better than the others. She proved that she will be a perfect fit in a superhero movie by dressing up as Harley Quinn from the movie ‘Suicide Squad’. Talk about a jaw-dropping look and this was exactly that. She even gave Halloween her own touch by sharing the look on her official Instagram account and writing ‘Happy HalloQueen’ in the caption. You can check out her amazing avatar by clicking here.

These celebrities never fail to amaze us with their amazing looks and go all out especially on Holloween. It’s a win-win situation as they get to have some fun and we get to witness the best Halloween costumes of the year. While there were more eye-catching celebrity Halloween 2019 looks, these were the best ones that managed to stand out. What are your thoughts on these amazing celebrity Halloween 2019 looks? Which one is your favorite? Let’s start a discussion in the comments below.

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