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Once Upon A Time In Melbourne

I personally feel that the best way to explore a place is on your feet. Five years ago, when I first visited one of my favorite city Melbourne, I was amazed by all the things the city has to offer. From varied architecture to rolling landscapes, the city fascinated me to my fullest. Five years later, nothing has changed. I went to Melbourne again last month and I was fascinated in the same way as I did before. No, that was not my second time. In fact, I’ve been to this wonderful city many times but the city always surprises me in a number of ways. I feel nostalgic every time I visit the city. It’s now like my second home.

So, it was last month and I decided to pay a visit to this amazing city. I landed late in the evening and I was overwhelmed. It brought back so many memories. And the trip last month was definitely the one to remember. I had such a great time.

I’ll share what I did on my trip and what things fascinated me the most. If you’re planning a visit to London, then my travel experience might come in handy on your trip.

The first time I visited Australia was in my teenage years and I had my grandfather accompanying me. This time, I decided to this on my own. As a solo traveler, I like going to places on my own.

I wanted to do something different this time so I decided to do walking tours. Here are some of the things about Melbourne that you would absolutely love:

Beautiful Lanes of Melbourne

Beautiful_Lanes_of_Melbourne_Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

If you’re a savvy traveler, chances are you’ve heard of Romeo Lane and Juliet Terrace. Well, it is in the red light area of the city. I had such an amazing time there. I walked along the AC DC lane and felt special. It’s the place where The Rock band filmed a video in the mid-’70s. It’s the perfect place to get lost here.

You will find street art, jazz bars, pubs, and amazing restaurants here. I really liked the food in the restaurants. Every lane has a lot of history associated with it. I felt very connected to the city and its culture. I had the best time in these fascinating lanes of Melbourne.

Street Art of Melbourne

Street_Art_of_Melbourne_Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

When you’re exploring Melbourne on your foot, one thing you’ll notice is the street art of Melbourne. And if you’re into art and Graffiti stuff, then you definitely should not miss a walking tour. I got a feel of vibrant expressive art of the city while I was strolling across Hosier and Rutledge Lanes. And just like me, you’ll be able to see some really interesting sculptures which will take your heart away.

The Coffee Culture

The_Coffee_Culture_Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

Personally, I feel that my mornings cannot start without a cup of coffee. During this visit, I made it my mission to know more about the coffee culture in Australia. There are a lot of cafes and I can guarantee that you will love every single one of them.

If you’re not into coffee much, then there are exclusive chai cafes for you in the city of Melbourne. I really enjoyed my time and I got to taste different brews of coffee. I think coffee in Australia is special in many ways. You too will love it. If you’re not a caffeine lover, you can always go for tea.

Chocolate Tours of Melbourne

Chocolate_Tours_of_Melbourne_Kunal Bansal Chandigarh

Oh, I love chocolates. I’m sure many of you do too. So, a Melbourne chocolate tour is for every chocolate addict in the world. A chocolate tour in Melbourne is a must. I picked up a bag and put my shoes on and went shopping. There are many shops. I bought chocolates and candies wherever I could. And I was lucky enough to get some wine as well. It was such a lovely experience. You may find chocolate tours where you could buy chocolate-flavored soaps, creams, and stuff.

Australia has always been a travelers paradise. It is always a great time to visit to this country. At Kunal Bansal Chandigarh blog, I share all my travel experiences. If you want more such experiences and want to make most of your trips, you should read my other blogs too. I’m sure you will get a lot of useful information.

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