Most Haunted Places In India You Would not Dare To Visit

Most Haunted Places In India You Wouldn’t Dare To Visit

The world is so much bigger and believing that only livings are having a stroll on this land will be utter stupid. Since the beginning of human civilization, an otherworldly force has proven its existence. There have been many phenomenons and many sightings of the spiritual entities. Some have harmed the people and some just went past and did nothing. While a few are just urban legends created to scare others.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqg4a3au3i8″ html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Which is the most haunted place in india?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]Like other countries India also have scary places, but among all the most scariest place is The Bhangarh Fort. Bhangarh Fort is on top of the list of most scariest places In india and people say that no one leaves the fort alive at night. [/sc_fs_faq]Regardless of that, there are certain places that holds historical significance and is haunted from centuries. Even in today’s world, people do not dare to visit them without having to break a sweat or two.

Bhangarh Fort – No One Leaves The Fort Alive At Night

Bhangarh Fort

After a curse, the fort was left ratted and forsaken, Bhangarh Fort town is among the very few “government-declared” haunted destinations. It is so feared that a board has been put up by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) which clearly reads that entering this fort before dawn and later the sunset is lawfully forbidden!

It was created by Madho Singh in 1613, son of Man Singh Amber, the Mughal general. According to Urban Legend, the Baba Balu Nath cursed this city, the lone saint once had warned the Mughal rulers of Bhangarh that the Palace’s shadow should not touch his home. But Madho Singh’s grandson, Ajab Singh, dismissed this warning and constructed the palace higher. Once the palace’s shadow reached Balu Nath’s prohibited den, he cursed the palace. A few believers say the whole town was devastated overnight, and whenever any house is built at the place, its roof collapses. Natives also state that those who have stayed here after nightfall was never found again.

One another story tells something even spookier of a 16th-century tantrik (who dabbled in the dark magic) named Singhia, who developed a love for Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh. The tantrik knew he had no chance of being with her, he chose to use dark forces to seduce her. He used a spell on the scented oil which was meant only for the princess, assuming that she might surrender herself to the tantrik after touching the oil. But the princess, being proficient in the sorcery herself, understood the plot and defeated his plan. The furious tantric then deployed a curse upon the town along with everything in it.

The Roaming Ghost of Drowned Lady – Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Roaming Ghost of Drowned Lady

There is a chawl in Mahim, Mumbai goes by the name D’Souza Chawl which is presumed haunted by the spirit of an old woman who died drowning in the well. Locals say she was pulling water from the well when she fell. She screamed but no could hear her and she succumbed to death because no one came to rescue her.

A number of people have claimed to have seen her ghost roaming at the night, usually near the same well. Though she is assumed to have forgiven the chawl residents as no incident has been reported related to the ghost. Nonetheless few visitors have visited the well to see the old lady ghost walking near the well at night.

Seeing the Whispers of Undead – Dumas Beach, Gujrat

Seeing the Whispers of Undead

The blacked soil Dumas Beach, which is located around 21 km southwest of city Surat, is a place where lots of Hindus cremate the dead people. According to a number of people, after cremation when they go walking for the sea, they can hear a voice whispering and requesting them to go back. Those who can hear the voice remain safe while the ones who do not heed the whispers and keep on walking for the sea, they end up disappearing. That is why the natives request tourist to not visit the black soil beach. Some listen to the advice while some don’t. If you dare to see the beach at night, you will hear dogs howling at the wind for nothing, it is believed that dogs sense the paranormal activities and see the walking dead.

To The Haunted City And A Movie Set

Haunted City

Over hundreds of movies have been filmed at Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City. The place once was a battlefield where the Hyderabad’s Nizam battled. Many people died in the battle and the studio or set is believed to have built above remains of the soldier who died fighting for the sultanate. Locals say that these people or soldiers were left here to die here, haunts the people today. Even those who come to film a movie. Several incidents of light automatically dropping, slamming of doors, crewmates getting injured after falling off the rafters claiming to have been pushed by someone who was not there, have been reported. Even the food served and left in an empty room have been found scattered everywhere. The scene does not stop here, people have seen weird Urdu handwritten words appearing on the mirror. However, nobody wants to admit the fact not even the management of the Ramoji Film city, Hyderabad.

An Abandoned Coal Mine And A Town of Ghosts – Mussoorie, Uttarakhand


If you have toured the limestone mines of Lambi Dehar, Mussoorie in the 90s, you might have seen it functional and booming with over 50,000 miners. Many of them miners, who operated longer hours without any safety norms in place, suffered a horrific death after the lime spoiled their lungs. There were countless accidents and fatalities, such as a truck coming down the cliffs, were common. After several workers had died, the shut had to shut down, all the families moved out of there and the town was left behind screaming the horror of the deads. Limestone mines of Lambi Dehar have been abandoned now for approximately 20 long years and a forest has taken over the place. The place might be deserted,  people claimed to have heard the weird and eerie voices surrounding the area, the uncommon blowing of winds and the spirits occupying the town. There has been an incident where a chopper went missing when flying over the are.

Seven Years Of Seven Suicide – South Mumbai


The Grand Paradi Towers settled in South Mumbai’s most live market — Kemps Corner has witnessed heartbreaking accidents, a number of deaths, and strange suicides. The building was constructed in 1975 where merchant families lived. Like ridiculously rich Sindhis to Gujarati to Marwari, they housed most of the apartments. There have been multiple suicide cases that were related to stresses and quarrels over money. In the 90s, an older couple jumped off the building and died, of course, it was a suicide. It is believed that the old guys were harassed by their son and son’s wife. Many years later, the son and wife who were accused of harassing their parents committed suicide along with their daughter. In 2000, yet another successful suicide attempt was made and again in 2001 that made the nearby residents believe of something evil having a presence in the society or the apartment.

A Century Old British Soldier Ghost –  Rajasthan


The official residence of the previous royal family, Brijraj Bhavan, was transformed into a hotel in the late 1980s. Since then visitors who come and stay at this hotel have witnessed a ghost roaming around. The ghost is expected to be of Major Burton died here in the palace fighting a battle against the East India Company along with his sons. The three of them died right at the center of the hall. The ghost of Burton is the only to have been seen. He walks with a cane holding in his hand. Although he never harmed anyone and simply just passes his time. He does slap sleeping night guards though, to open their eyes and perform their duties. This spirit is also believed to be watching over the palace and alarming in case of any harm comes.

If you are considering to go to any of the mentioned places, make sure you go when it is daytime and not night. In fact, one Indian Government department has banned entry between sunset and sunrise. A signboard informs tourists of this rule, though an English version of the warning would be appreciated if there was one. If people are coming from other countries, they might want to see the warning beforehand.

These ghostly places in India have earned quite a bad reputation, fascinating in both risk takers and cynics. if you know or ever been to any of the spookiest destinations in India that people don’t know but should know about, do share it with the world.

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