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‘Ghee’ Lamps: Use Them Instead Of Electrical Lights On Diwali

The festival of lights is almost here and many people must be looking forward to decorating their homes with beautiful and colorful lights. However, what most people fail to understand is that using electrical lights is way more costly and harmful than using ‘ghee’ lamps. ‘Ghee’ lamps have many scientific and environmental benefits over light bulbs and electrical decoration. There are a lot of logical and scientific reasons for using ‘ghee’ lamps in the Diwali season (October-November).

First of all, ‘ghee’ lamps are the traditional ornaments of light for the Diwali festival. When Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in the forest and killing Ravan, people lit ‘ghee’ lamps in order to celebrate the win over evil and that’s why Diwali is celebrated (of course, we all know that). Lighting ‘ghee’ lamps not only connects you to your spiritual beliefs, but it also signifies the triumph of good over evil. Here, evil is represented by darkness and good is represented by light.

Secondly, the combustion of ‘ghee’ releases an electromagnetic force that lingers on your skin for at least three hours. Another thing that it odes is, it activates blood cells. Also, Diwali is celebrated in October or November and the atmosphere becomes humid at this time. This means that a lot of bacteria and insects start spreading in the environment. The chemical emissions from the burning ‘ghee’ are responsible for killing off those bacteria and insects.

Also, lighting ‘ghee’ lamps also have many spiritual benefits. According to an article, “Now let us compare the spiritual experiences obtained due to oil and ghee lamp. But before that let us understand what we mean by Spiritual experience or Anubhuti. We are used to appreciating this world through the media of five sense organs namely nose, ears, eyes, tongue, skin, mind, and intellect. This is known as experience. But when we experience something without the participation of all these then it is known as a spiritual experience. Now let us compare the spiritual experiences obtained due to oil and ghee lamp”.

They further added, “The oil lamp gives us a spiritual experience of Pruthvi tattva (absolute earth element) and Aap tattva (absolute water element). For example, if we get an experience of fragrance without the actual presence of an object which can impart such fragrance then it is a spiritual experience of Subtle fragrance or gandha. The fragrance is related to Pruthvi tattva. The example of the spiritual experience of Aap tattva is dwelling sweet taste in the mouth”.

So, if you light ‘ghee’ lamps instead of electrical lights on this Diwali, not only will you save electricity and benefit the environment, you will also connect with your spiritual side. Another plus point of using clay ‘ghee’ lamps on Diwali is that they are recyclable. And this can be done by collecting them and selling them a day after the festival. According to reports, a youth organization in Chandigarh has come forward to take this initiative. They are planning to collect and resell the used ‘ghee’ lamps on Diwali and this means that the youth of the country is really a bright future of the nation.

Times Now posted on their website “A youth welfare association in Chandigarh has come up with a solution to recycle used ‘diyas’ (earthen lamps) by collecting them a day after Diwali and sell them in the market. The money made will be invested in the education of needy children”. They also had a word with the founder of the organization. The name of this young mastermind is Rohit.

Rohit told Times Now, “I noticed that after the Diwali puja, the Municipal Corporation and other authorities break them into pieces and discard them. So instead of discarding them, we thought of collecting all the earthen lamps day after the Diwali. The ‘diyas’ is used in every house during Diwali and people tend to throw them after the rituals are over. In this regard, we contacted the cleaners and the municipal corporation to plan everything out”.

He further said with a vision in mind, “We are coloring the lamps that we collected last year and this year too we will collect the lamps. In the process, the lamps will be left in the water for three days and then left to dry in the sun. Then we will paint them with two coatings of paint and later sell them in the market. The profit from this business will be invested in the education of needy children. We have 30,000 ‘diyas’ and will sell them in Rs. 30. If we have full support from society then approximately we will earn Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000”.

Not only will this step help the environment, but it will also help the unfortunate children who are struggling and need a proper education. Doing this will not only save the environment, but it will also help those who need it the most.

So, use ‘ghee’ lamps instead of electrical lights and firecrackers to celebrate the festival. Make this Diwali amazing for yourself and the people around you.

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