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Wales: Five Best Food Vans In The Beautiful Country

Wales is a beautiful country with breathtaking attractions. Everything about wales will make you fall in love with the country. The places, the food, the people, everything is just perfect. I still remember the time when I took a vacation to Wales back in 2017. My first stay was at The Swansea Marriot Hotel, Swansea. The service and the staff were great and that was my first interaction with someone in Wales.

My stay in that country lasted for two weeks and I was able to mind-capture almost all of the beautiful destinations. Although there are many attractions in Wales, I was only able to enjoy six of them. Snowdonia, Caernarfon Castle, Conwy, Pembrokeshire Coast, Bodnant Garden, and Anglesey were the beautiful attractions I got to feast my eyes with.

However, these weren’t the only things that made me fall in love with the country. Believe it or not, my most favorite thing about the country was… the street food (Yes! I’m a foodie). There are many food vans near Wales and I had the best meals of my life from some of them. Food from all the vans was amazing. But, I had to choose the top five. Well, what can I do? It’s a habit of mine to select the five best from everything.

These are the five best food vans in the beautiful country of Wales:

A Lot Of Waffle



If “What’s better than a waffle?” is the question, “A Lot Of Waffle” is the answer. Located in Gwynedd, Welsh County, this place is famous for its amazing range of waffles with delicious toppings.

They specialize in American style waffles and add toppings like bacon and marshmallows. I even had a word with the owner of the van. He told me that he’s planning to add bubble waffles to the menu. The owner was a very kind man and he showed that by taking out the time to talk.

Again, as a foodie, I can tell whether the food is fresh or not and it was 100% fresh. A sweet, big waffle fresh out of the waffle iron, topped with good old bacon. Mmm bacon!

Cheers to the owner and ‘A Lot Of Love’ to ‘A Lot Of Waffle!




This awesome food van is located in the capital of the country, Cardiff. They provide food with amazing quality at charity events, food festivals, and street food socials. Bwydiful also provides catering for corporate events, private functions, weddings, and even successful ‘kitchen takeover’ events at famous Cafes and Bars. They sure are a small business, however, they consider it as their strength and say that this ensured that everything will go smoothly

Their main focus is on the quality of the food and after tasting it, I can say that they make one of the best street food items I’ve ever had in my whole entire life!

Since I am a foodie, I was able to tell that all the ingredients used by them were fresh and totally healthy. No use of anything extra to enhance the taste, which shows that they have confidence in what they do and they know their food is super delicious.

That Fish Guy


Ever heard of a guy who sells fish for a living? Well, that’s a fishmonger. But this food van sells delicious dishes made from fishes. They have an entire menu filled with a plethora of fish products that you can enjoy with your family or friends.

Of course, they have a whole range of fish and chips on their menu and let me tell you that they are the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. They even have a second van called ‘That Pie Guy’. And it’s pretty clear by the name of the van that they specialize in pies. Not only pies but delicious and mouth-watering homemade pies with fillings.

The food vans are located in Pontypool, Gwent and I would love to recommend this to anyone who’s visiting there.

The Keep Smiling Vegan Cafe


Are you vegan? Do you love smiling and eating tasty food? Well, ‘The Keep Smiling Vegan Cafe’ is the place for you. You can eat anything you want without being worried about what or who you’re eating.

The owners themselves are vegan and they know that it’s important for a vegan to have tasty food and stay vegan at the same time. The van was brought to life especially for vegans and still believes in providing the best vegan food in the country.

Located in ‘Isle of Wight’, this is one of the best food vans in the UK. OK, I know it’s not in Wales but I really wanted to add the van to this list as they provide the best vegan food. I would recommend this van to anyone visiting the UK.

The Pink Peppercorn



Located in Carmarthenshire, this food van provides awesome food and it looks awesome too! The pink color van provides one of the best food items in the country and they are proud of doing that.

Once more and I promise this is the last time, I am a foodie and I can tell when the food is fresh and healthy. And guess what, not only the food was fresh and healthy, but the owners were super friendly and even helped me by guiding me to the next location I was headed to.

Furthermore, props to the owners and salute to their super delicious food!


I would strongly recommend you to enjoy the delicious food of at least one of these vans the next time you visit the beautiful country of Wales. Also, don’t forget to visit the breath-taking attractions in the country. Moreover, Wales is an amazing country and everyone should go on a vacation to Wales at least once in their life.

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